Míle Fáilte

A Thousand Million Welcomes

Here you can find information about Gabrielle O'Flaherty's recently published book and view her artwork, consisting of sculptures, ceramics, and a digital collage, along with some of her recent poems.

Gabrielle's book “The Night of the Red Tide” is an adventure story about a miniature Australian shepherd and a giant wandering albatross.  These two unlikely friends meet one magical night on a California beach and fly away together on a quest to reach Ireland, by way of Patagonia and the far south of the world. The book is illustrated with spectacular photographs of animals and wild landscapes.

Gabrielle wrote most of her poems and created her digital collage in a burst of creativity at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The collage is a tribute to the healthcare professionals and the other essential workers around the world who worked tirelessly to care for us during that difficult time.

The other artwork here represents a portfolio of selected sculptures and ceramic pieces that she has created. 

Gabrielle is currently writing her next book "The Cactus Kingdom".

Sample Showcase

For more information about Gabrielle's book "The Night of the Red Tide", please go to the "Books" page of this website. Her portfolio of artwork can be viewed on the "Sculptures" and "Ceramics" pages.  Her digital collage and a selection of poems can be found on their respective pages.